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Processing & Producing honeycomb paper

Welcome to Zimbi Co., Ltd!

Today with the strong development of industrialization and modernization. The demand for paper honeycomb becomes an essential need that goes hand in hand with the development of production.

However, it is difficult to find a quality and reputable honeycomb production unit. To solve the difficult problems of the market in the industry, from was born with the aim of providing the best products to the market.

Thảobi specializes in distributing and manufacturing all kinds of honeycomb paper, paper splints, cartons for manufacturing plants and small and medium industrial workshops. With long-term experience in the field of manufacturing and supplying Honeycomb Paper Zimbi offers the best solution for customers to optimize installation, operation and maintenance costs in accordance with each production system and industry. . In addition, Thảobi also provides paper packaging production services to bring to the market the best quality products

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Production of Paper Splints

With the capacity of the factory operating stably, the number of products in stock is always ready to meet customers in the fastest way. With high technical skills combined with modern machinery, Thảobi provides the market with the highest quality products, with the required quality certification..

Just one call to request, will immediately advise customers, since receiving the request. The process of ordering the production of paper braces follows the process below, you can know what information to provide so that we can advise the right product.

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Working process at Thảobi

Step 1: Receive customer information and conduct a survey

  • Type of product to be packed
  • Purpose
  • Business needs
  • Conduct a live survey

Depending on the intended use of the customer, we will advise on the type of product to help optimize productivity and costs!

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Step 2: Based on the actual report to quote for customers

  •  Based on the actual survey, the needs of customers, the technical team will analyze and offer the most suitable paper products for customers. To save costs for businesses without affecting capacity.
  • Delivery to customers. Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai or the western provinces,…

Customers who order in bulk will get many DISCOUNTS!

Step 3: Shipping & installation and handover

We will deliver to your place at your factory. The technical team will support and guide you on how to use paper and preserve products

Depending on the number of products and specifications, we will hand them over to customers according to the original appointment schedule.

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